Board of Director Nomination Process

At the next annual meeting of Members of AAA Northern California, Nevada & Utah (the “club”) on March 4, 2019, Members will vote to elect 12 directors to each serve a three-year term on the club’s Board.

A Nominating Committee appointed by the Board of Directors will propose the list of candidates for election. Members may propose possible candidates for the Nominating Committee to consider by submitting the name, qualifications and biographical information of a potential candidate to the club’s Secretary by October 19, 2018.

Members may also nominate a candidate by submitting a written petition to the club’s Secretary no later than November 4, 2018. Valid petitions must be signed by at least 0.05% (2,379 signatures based on 4,757,048 Members as September 3, 2018) of the membership of AAA Northern California, Nevada & Utah. Each signature needs to be verified and each signer identified by address and AAA Membership number. The petition must also include the nominee’s written consent to serve if elected.

To propose a candidate for consideration or to nominate a candidate and to receive additional details about the nomination process, including required qualifications for nominees, please write to Corporate Secretary, AAA Northern California, Nevada & Utah, P.O. Box 24502, Oakland, CA 94623.