Auto insurance covers your wheels, but it’s also important to make sure your “summer toys” are insured. Whether your adventures entail a cross-country motorcycle adventure, a week camping at the lake, or an RV road trip through the High Sierra, protect the vehicles that take you there.

Motorcycle Insurance

Ahh, there’s nothing quite like the freedom of hitting the road on two wheels! Show your motorcycle or scooter some love and get it covered. As a AAA Plus Motorcycle Member (available in Arizona), you have coverage options for custom parts and equipment, accessories, and more.

So jump on your bike and enjoy the ride, knowing that if you get into a pinch, AAA is just a phone call away. Your benefits include emergency fuel delivery, towing (up to 100 miles per incident), and locksmith service. We know that your bike is your baby, so we hope you’ll never need winching and extrication services—but if you do, we’re on our way!

RV Insurance

The convenience and flexibility of RV travel is hard to beat. But if your rig breaks down, repairs can be costly. Happily, in addition to coverage for their primary vehicle, AAA Plus RV Members (available in Arizona and Utah) get flexible coverage options for their recreational vehicle. AAA also offers motor home and travel trailer insurance, and coverage for fifth-wheels, pop-ups, campers, and more. You can always get a free recreational vehicle quote online.

We think your RV deserves the same respect as your primary vehicle, so coverage includes plenty of perks, including help during times of trouble. You get emergency fuel delivery, tire changes, locksmith service reimbursement, and battery service. If you break down, AAA offers towing (up to 100 miles per incident), and if your RV gets stuck between a rock and a hard place (or anywhere else), you’ll get winching and extrication services.

Embark on your next adventure knowing that your summer-fun vehicles are protected, and if you ever get stranded, friendly service is just moments away.