Thinking about insurance—and then deciding what coverage is right for you—can feel like a daunting task. But it doesn’t have to be. AAA is here to help you outsmart insurance doubt. This means providing you with comprehensive information, relatable agents who help answer your questions and help you choose the best options, and even a pop-up Tiny Branch to make it even easier to talk to a AAA Agent!

Appearing at locations around Northern California, Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Utah, the Tiny Branch is a pop-up office manned by an agent ready to answer any of your insurance questions, and help ease any confusion you might have about your coverage.

“People saw that AAA is in the neighborhood,” says Octavia McBride, a AAA Agent. “They had questions in the back of their minds, and the Tiny Branch let them ask those questions and get some clarification on things that might have been causing them doubt.”

Concert goers at Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, Calif., were able to step into the Tiny Branch and ask if it was possible to bundle car and home insurance. Students at The University of Utah could learn who exactly was covered on their car insurance policy. And all of this was done by a quick stop into the Tiny Branch.

“Having the Tiny Branch go to where Members already are helps facilitate the conversation around insurance,” says AAA Agent Diana Pepe. “They saw firsthand how painless the process is, and it removed the stigma that discussing insurance is a difficult task.”

You might be thinking: Can I bundle a new home purchase with my already existing car insurance? The simple answer is: Yes. In fact, it’s best to have your insurance policies under one roof so that your insurance carrier has a better view of your lifestyle and how to best serve you as a Member. Also, there are many benefits to bundling your coverage. Having auto and home insurance with AAA automatically qualifies you for an umbrella policy—a second layer of liability that protects your family, legacy, and assets.

What about coverage for when another driver is behind the wheel of your vehicle? With AAA, any driver of your car—whether they are on your insurance or not—is automatically covered by your insurance. This brings peace of mind when you have out of town guests for the holidays, or a friend needs to borrow your car.  Now you know they—and you as the car owner—are properly covered.

So, stay tuned for where the Tiny Branch will pop up next, talk to an agent near you, or click to get a quote.