Add a Family

Learn how you can add a loved one to your AAA Membership

With AAA’s Associate Member program, you get peace of mind when they’re on the road—and they get all the perks that come with AAA Membership. 

You already know the benefits that come with your AAA Membership. But did you know you can extend all of these perks to your family too? From help on the road to discounts on travel, entertainment, and so much more, share it all when you add an associate member to your AAA account.

AAA is committed to protecting you both on and off the road, and the safety of your loved ones is a top priority. The AAA Associate Member option allows you to add a family member to your existing Membership for as little as $34 a year, depending on which plan you have and which state you live in.

The AAA family membership is designed to help you protect those most important to you—even when you can’t be there yourself. Whether you have AAA Classic, Plus, or Premier, you can add one adult from your household and up to seven dependent children. So if you want to add your spouse, domestic partner, or parent who lives with you or a teen driver just starting out on the road, they’re all eligible to become part of your AAA family membership.

But AAA Associate Memberships aren’t just for those who drive. Include your younger children for added peace of mind when they’re riding in someone else’s car. If your college student is living away from home for the first time, add them too. Whether they have their own car or not, they’ll be covered with AAA’s roadside service, discounts, vacation planning services, and so much more.

AAA Classic Pricing

  • $31

AAA Plus Pricing

  • $51

AAA Premier Pricing

  • $69

It’s easy to add an additional Member to your AAA account. Just go to your online account and follow the steps below, or visit your local AAA branch and ask to add a family member. Once they’re set up, each of your AAA Associate Members will have access to AAA Emergency Roadside Assistance after an initial 48-hour waiting period.

To add a Member online, sign into your account and click “Add Someone to Your Membership” under “Account Actions.” From there, just fill in the name, email, and birth date of your AAA Associate Member and click “Add This Member.” Your new AAA Associate Member will then receive an email to complete the process. And that’s it—you’re done!

hands holding a AAA gift membership wrapped in a box.

Give the gift of AAA Membership 

You can still help friends and family outside your household when you give them AAA Membership. It’s the perfect way to show them that you care about their safety. And, of course, AAA Discounts & Rewards provide them with more ways to have fun—and save money— too.