What is the Accident Medical Plan?

The Accident Medical Plan reimburses medical expenses for care and treatment of an accidental bodily injury for members engaged in a wide variety of travel and sporting activities.

  • AAA Rate: $7 per year, per member
  • Guaranteed acceptance
  • No medical exam
  • No health questions

What activities are covered?

  • Driving or riding in a private passenger automobile
  • Driving or riding on a private passenger motorcycle
  • Driving or riding in a golf cart
  • Accidents while riding as a passenger on a common carrier such as a boat or airplane
  • Accidents while non-commercial fishing or boating, water skiing, snow skiing, or ice skating
  • Accidents while swimming at a public beach or pool with a lifeguard on duty

What are the benefits for covered activities?

  • Pays $5,000 Accidental Death and up to $5,000 Dismemberment. The amount payable for dismemberment varies based on the injury suffered.
  • Pays an additional $2,500 Accidental Death when wearing a seat belt in a private passenger automobile accident.
  • Pays an additional $2,500 Accidental Death when protected by an air bag in a private passenger automobile accident.
  • Pays up to $2,500 to reimburse necessary home and vehicle modifications.
  • Pays up to $1,200 to reimburse covered medical expenses.

What are the types of medical expenses covered?
They include, but are not limited to: emergency room, hospital room, prescription drugs, x-rays and diagnostics, ambulance, physical therapy, medical equipment rental, casts and splints, and dental work due to bodily injury.

For additional details:

If the language on this page differs from what is on the policy, the language on the policy will govern.

How To Enroll


Call 1-800-352-5382 (select option 3, then 5)


Speak with an expert by stopping by your local AAA office.


Mail the Coverage Activation Form and premium to:

AAA Arizona
P.O. Box 10370
Phoenix, AZ 85064-0370