Car & Driving Tips

Experts share advice on all things related to your car: from how and when to buy or lease a new or used car to how to manage car repairs and scheduled maintenance. Stay updated on car seat laws, learn the basics like how to change a tire, and get practical tips for driving safely and smartly.

Embrace Freedom on Four Wheels

Use your vehicle to reclaim personal space, celebrate loved ones, attend movies or concerts outdoors, or take a Sunday drive.

Is Your Car Ready for Summer?

Rising temperatures can be tough on vehicles. Here are a few ways to be beat the summer heat.

Nervous Driver? Here's How to Get More Comfortable on the Road

Overcome a fear of driving and gain confidence behind the wheel with these 6 tips.

Practical Ways to Avoid Car Break-ins

Car break-ins are on the rise, here’s how to prevent it from happening to you.

Should I Repair or Replace My Car?

AAA consultant, Robert Stringari, offers a few guidelines to consider before you buy a new car—or repair an old one.

How to Safely and Legally Share the Road with Cyclists

Motorists can coexist with cyclists by following these six tips.

Is Your Car Ready to Drive?

Kick the tires and take a peek under the hood before we're able to drive regularly again.

Drivers Still Uneasy About Self-Driving Cars

Consumers are still wary of automated vehicles, a new AAA survey revealed.

Tips for Parking and Storing Your Car for Extended Periods

Just a few simple steps will make sure your car is in working order when you take it out after an extended period of storage.

Don't Let Your Car Do the Driving (Yet)

While many of today's vehicles are smart enough to help with some driving tasks, none can take the place of an alert driver.

AAA Studies the Cost of Driving Electric Vehicles

AAA analyzes the cost and experience of going green with an electric vehicle.

Tips to Avoid Driving Distractions

From drinking coffee to talking on your cell phone, driving is full of potential distractions. Here's how to stay safe.